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Brand Boot Camp

Don't shoot from the hip. Aim first.

The first step to a successful marketing campaign is strategy. It ensures your brand has measurable goals and a plan to achieve them. This service is custom built for each client depending on brand maturity and scope of work.

Video Army delivers an Online Marketing Strategy that ensures your brand achieves the goal with the right message, the right way.

Evaluate current market trends, perform competitive analysis, consumer research to discover untapped niches and consumer insights.

Identify the core business and unique value propositions to develop a focused brand identity, voice and marketing strategy options. We carve your niche.

Based on pre-agreed budgets, we develop a marketing campaign including campaign timeline, creative briefs, production guide and distribution points.

Production Force

Once you have a video marketing strategy, the next step is creating engaging content that drives viewers to perform your desired outcome. This can be making a purchase, sharing the videos with friends, learning how to use your service, and many more.

Campaigns require different types of videos with different budgets and scopes. Video Army’s network of creatives and video producers are built to handle productions of any size, scope and dream. Let’s produce some engaging content together.

Let the buyer beware, then reward them. Informative overview videos educate buyers and generate higher sales conversions. Reward your customers and build lasting loyalty with tutorials and ongoing education about your product.

Want to make a connection? Speak to the consumers the heart, mind and funny bone. Entertaining videos are great for meeting new consumers, touching in with acquaintances and making best friends. We produce social (viral) videos, ad spots, episodic content and other dreams.

Video Deployment

So you’ve got some branded video content, now what? First we setup your online profiles for a consistent brand message across the major social media and video networks. Then we use a blend of organic and paid tactics to reach specified campaign goals.

We rigorously optimize content for SEO because the #1 way customers find video is through search. We work with clients to tackle their most desirable keyword phrases and research untapped opportunities to increase clicks.

Our digital PR package gets industry voices, taste-makers and tribe leaders to endorse your content.

We use paid placements across video networks, blogs and content sites to reach highly targeted viewers. Targeted reach and frequency means no wasted ad dollars and guaranteed results.

We deliver statistics and analysis for engagements, traffic, conversions and more. Since we always begin with a strategy, we know whether we’re achieving our goal and delivering your ROI.

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